Any horse race follower will be able to tell you that only 33% of favourites actually go on to win their race which immediately gives an opportunity if you can identify the ones that will not.

With the advent of Betting Exchanges it has been possible to bet that a horse will lose – Lay Betting – and while it might appear simple to find losers the reality is that winners will be found and as you are then acting as the bookmaker you can pay out significant sums and lose your profits.

Clever Lay System is a form based lay betting service aimed at uncovering the horses at the top of the market that will not win despite the optimism of the bookmakers and betting public. Designed by Ronald Hancox who found that a generally available system did not quite produce the profits – and confidence – needed to make it all worthwhile he applied additional filters and came up with a consistent profit from laying such horses.

What Ron has eliminated are the higher prices that can really dent your betting bank – range covered is 2.20 to 9.99 – and he has achieved a high strike rate – currently over 82% with a longest losing run of just 3. While this means that there are relatively few selections it generates consistent profits  without the stress that can arise from other lay services.

Testing of the service begun in October 2019 and to date there has not been a losing month. Total profits of 23 points have been achieved as at 9 March 2020 with no draw down on the bank at any time – a recommended betting bank of 50 points will cover any risk likely, the average odds of losing bets being 3.75 at the time of writing. Full results details and statistics are shown on the results page and since launch in June 2020 we have proofed selections to Racing Index for full transparency.

Following the service selections is simple. We recommend use of The Bet Engine which will allow automatic upload of daily selections to your device so long as it is active. If preferred we offer email advice with selections being available around noon on the day of racing.

Update September 2020

In the light of the poor performance over the last 2 months Ron has checked the system filters and concluded that the service should be discontinued.